President Buhari Mourned the soildier killed by Boko Harem


The Senoir Special Assistant to the President Buhri on Media and Public Alhaji Garba Shehu has sent the president Buhari  message to the family of the soidier who were kill yesterday at Gorgi vilage by the terrorist Group Boko the president Buhari praise the effort of the soidier fight to keep the people of the North East and the nation as one in a tweet he wrote saying


President Muhammadu Buhari “profound grief and sorrow’’ over loss of soldiers who were ambushed by terrorists in Gorgi Village, Borno State.


He said “sacrifices of our gallant patriots cannot be quantified, and their sacrifices cannot go in vain,’’ while commiserating with their families and those that sustained injuries.


The President said the death of every soldier causes deep pains because he knows what it means to be a soldier, and fully understands the extreme risks associated with the profession.


President Buhari said “despite the tragedies and incidents, we cannot allow anarchists and mass murderers to hold the country hostage.’’


The President appealed to the military “not to allow the incident to affect their morale’’. He assured that his administration will continue to motivate and equip them adequately in order to cope with the complex challenges of unconventional warfare.


The Nigerian Army has dispatched a team to assess the situation and report back to the government.


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