People Democratic Party aspirant Atiku Abubakar advises Nigeria come out an vote on the 23rd february 2019 and March 9th,2019



The People Democratic Party presidential candidate has advises everyone to come out and vote in the recent postponed date as he write in his message we state.
Nigeria must frustrate their plans by coming out in even greater numbers on saturday,23 February and saturday 9 March respectively.
Knowing that the Nigeria people are determined to reject then,they are desperate and will do anything in their power to avoid their rejection by the Nigeria people.
Their plan is to provoke the public,hoping for a negative reaction and then use that as an excuse for further anti democratic acts.
As such i call on all Nigeria to be patient.we have tolerated the maladministration of this government for four years we can extend our tolerance a few mire days and give then our verdict via our vote.
Maintain the peace and be law abiding do not react to this provocation with anger,violence or any act that might he exploited by those who do not want this election to hold.
Remain calm we shall overcome this,you can postpone an election,but you cannot postpone destiny.
Please come out to vote on saturday 23rd february and saturday 8th March,2019 respectively.frustrate those who do not want the election to hold by coming out in large numbers that is the best antidote to their plans.
May God bless you and may God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.