Nigeria Singer Praiz Narrate how he was stabbed by Police

Nigeria Singer Praiz took to his Instagram to narrate his ordeal in the hand of Police as he was coming from a event and he was flagged downand which he obeyed,as he went on to say
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On the 21st of March 2020, at 10:19 I was headed for an event at wuse 2 Abuja, when we got to the check point by banex my bolt driver was asked to stop by the police we stopped, the police Officer was trying to exchange pleasantries with me and I’m like sir I’m busy, he then asked me to come downI did , he then went ahead and searched the car, he didn’t find anything on me except a crusher, he said crusher was an exhibit we should go to the station, I asked which police station they said maitama police station and I said okay, they entered my Bolt ride and asked my driver to move we started going, we’ve passed maitama police station, then I ask where are we going to, they said my driver should keep going, I told the driver to park the car, they told him if he does, he will see what they would do to him, them I put the car in park in the middle of the road opposite Anglican Church at maitama , told them I was not going anywhere if I was not told where I’m been taking to, so I opened the door came out of the bolt ride stood by road and said tell me where your taking me to before I’ll enter the car, then the police officers came out and immediately started hitting me with their riffles, the other brought out a jack knife and said he will stab me and I shouted stab me naw, I’m not going anywhere he then stabbed me behind my hand twice in the process of tearing my cloth with the knife he also injured me with the knife, another police officer came out from that Anglican Church axis and said I should follow them (I.e those police officers hitting me) I said I’m not going anywhere, he then turned around and asked the officers what did he do, they said they found weed on me they brought plenty Arizona from their pocket and said they found it on me, I asked my bolt driver shey u were there when they searched me he said yes, did they find anything on me he said no, then that officer took one aside and they spoke for a while the next thing they entered the bolt ride left me there saying they are going to bring backup and I never saw them again.