Governor Hope Uzodinma Paid all staff salaries amidst Covid-19


The Executive Governor of Imo State His Hope Uzodimma has announced the payment of all salaries of workers in the State and Mandated the head of the various institutions of Government to verified all those with Bank Verification Number BVN issue should be look into and pay acording as he wrote saying


I have directed that the salaries of all civil and public servants in the state be paid today the 26th day of March, 2020.


Also, the salaries of all staff of tertiary institutions in the state have been released to the relevant institutions for immediate payments.


Also, in the face of the pandemic Covid-19 which has engulfed the world and the attendant economic realities, we’re more obligated and committed to the welfare of Imo workers.


However, the head of the various institutions of Government are advised to ensure that any of their staff with BVN or account number issues is cleared before his or her salary is paid.


Going forward, our obligation to servicing the wage bill shall be in favour of verified and properly documented members of staff of the Imo State Government.

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