Fani Femi -Kayode reveal plans to Inject people with a drug call Hegelian dialectic: problem,reaction, solution.


The Nigeria former Minister of Aviation and social critic have has carried is pen which is mightier than the gun to reveal a shocking plans to reduce the world population as he wrote below

The 1st objective is to create panic & fear. The 2nd is to grant the state more power to control you in the name of protecting you from Covid 19. The 3rd is to usher in a programme of compulsory mass injections of the anti-Covid serum which will lead to the death of millions.


They want to control humanity & cull the world population.

The injection & drug they will introduce to battle, prevent &cure Covid 19 will kill more people than Covid 19 itself.

The Illuminati is at work here. It is called a Hegelian dialectic: problem,reaction, solution.

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