Nigeria Man share his experience how he escaped death from armed robbers


A Nigeria man took to his twitter@UncleMohamz to narrates  what he went through in the hands of notorious armed robber who almost sniff out his life as he she his ordeal below


It is the duty of all nation to acknowledge the Safety and providence of Almighty God, to obey His will and be grateful for all He is doing. God has done it again, He didn’t forsake me. I’m a SURVIVOR. February 22nd will always be a day to remember in my life and here’s why.


On Friday, 21st of February, I decided to pass the night at UCH so I could read all night cos I had exams to write. I read for the most part of the night and was extremely tired in the morning. I left UCH around 6am on Saturday and headed home to sleep so I could continue later.



Got to my junction but there wasn’t any bike available. I waited for a while at the junction and when I couldn’t get any bike, Carrying my bag tiredlessly, I decided to walk down the street to my house. Somewhere on my street, a bike passed me carrying some guys.



Before I knew what was happening, two guys came down and ran to me. They spoke completely in Yoruba and demanded for money. I replied in the little yoruba I knew and told them I didn’t have any. Tbh, I had only N400 in my wallet and my bank account was also empty.



I avoided argument with them because I don’t know what they were capable of doing. Before I could utter any further words, one of them raised a machete and hit me hard on my head. I fell down immediately and he put his hands inside my pocket and took my phones.



He enquirer what I had in my bag and I told him there was nothing. He noticed a bike was coming so they left me and climbed their bike and left. I stood up and ran after them, screaming “Ole, Ole”. But nobody came to help. The bike man that was coming before turned back and ran



Then I began to walk down to my house in the pool of my own blood. The blood was gushing out like a tap was left open. They hit some crucial blood vessels in my head so the blood was uncontrollable. It was just pumping out very fast. My body was flooded within minutes.


I walked down the road to the mosque around my area and was rescued by the people there who took time to the hospital. The bike we took was flooded with blood. The road was filled with blood. I bled for over 30mins non stop. No amount of pressure was able to stop the bleeding.



At the hospital, I was rushed into the Emergency section. The nurses on duty had never seen such bleeding before. The Doctor immediately came out to respond to me. No amount of ice packs could stop the bleeding.



The doctor had no option than to suture my head with stitches to maintain homeostasis and stop the bleeding. My face was swollen. The blood had entered every part of my body. My eyes was flooded, my mouth filled with blood. My nose and ears had blood inside as well.



I was made unconscious so they could stitch the injury. My hair was cut and my clothes were torn away from my body cos I couldn’t move anymore. I was soaked in blood. Every part of my body was soaked.



I couldn’t utter any words. I had bled out all my strength and even the nurses and people around thought I wasn’t going to make it. They immediately ordered to get blood. I had lost over 10% of my blood after I bled for over 30mins. Afterwards I was taken out to the ward.



I couldn’t stand or move at all. Nobody thought I’d survived. Everyone was saying I’m a strong person but I know it’s only GOD that kept me. I couldn’t have done anything for myself.



“One wrong move and the machete would have affected my brain and cost me my life” so the doctor said. I wasn’t transfused with any blood because the doctor said I probably had over 50% of blood in my system cos my PCV after the entire process was 41%



Friends came in to cheer me up cos I wasn’t getting myself at all. I was battling to get myself stronger.


The hospital was filled with lots of friends as everyone kept coming around to see me. Y’all are really appreciated. For real. Gifts full ground. Everyone of you guys are awesome.


Thanks to my neighbors, my mum, my classmates, friends, lecturers and staff of my department, Fayokunmi, who never left my side and ensured I don’t stress myself at all.


I’m still recovering from this incident and the associated trauma cos I can’t even stand in crowded places anymore. I get scared anytime unfamiliar faces come too close to me.


Moved through different stages of recovery.


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