Ex-Miss South Africa Basetsana Kumalo penned a Lovely word to her Husband



Former Miss South Africa in 1994 and in the same year became the first runner-up in Miss World and television personality Basetsana Kumalo took to her Instagram page and penned a lovely word to her husband saying


basetsanakumalo This is from my heart with love to you…❤.
This is for every hour we have ever spent together: for every kiss, each embrace, and every tear shed for each other. This is for every precious moment we have created just by being together: For all the times we managed to work through our anger and our tears, for all the times I was distressed and you were patient.
This is for every time that you were there when I needed you: For all the personal sacrifices you have made for me, for all the times when you understood me, and for all the support you have always given me.
This is for all the beautiful memories of the love we have made and given to eachother, of all the tenderness and love.

This is for all the little things you have done for me that in time have added up to be so great.
Most of all, this is for you from me: to show you just how special I believe you really are.

This is from my heart:
Thank you for everything you have done for me, to let you know exactly how I feel about you. For all the times I forget to tell you these things.
This is to remind you that I will always love you Mntungwa, Mbulaz’omnyama.❤

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