Warn Oshiomhole to stop making Statement that will destabilize Nigeria-Wike blow hot



The Executive Governor of River State Wike has reacted to Oshiomhole statement over the recent supreme court judgement over the sacking of David Lyon,in his recent tweet Governor Wike stated that


The Federal Government should warn Oshiomhole to stop making remarks that will destabilise Nigeria. What he is doing in Edo State is not proper and he should not bring it to the rest of the Niger Delta.



Who is Oshiomhole to determine who has spread in a state? Supreme Court has made a ruling. It is unfortunate for Oshiomhole to come forward to say that nobody will be sworn in.



It is most unfortunate what Oshiomhole is doing because he wants to retain his position as National Chairman. APC Governors have rejected him, that is why he is struggling to prove that he is fighting for the Party.



He believes that he has the forces to cause crisis. He is arrogating powers to himself, which is not good . Oshiomhole would not be allowed to destroy the Niger Delta. The rule of law must continue to prevail at all times.

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