I would never go there again,Lady regret eating in a restaurant

A lady revealed was she saw in a  restaurant when she order for food and was not pleased with one of the dishes because it was season well and went she complain,she was told,if she did not like it she should not pay for it as she went on to say


Went to @la_tavernalagos yesterday, these four dishes in the picture I had ordered before at separate times and liked so I wanted to post on the page, but you guys yesterday was bad, one had no seasoning, I actually think the person that made it just forgot and one was just hard but the worst part about it was the “chefs” attitude after I complained, the waitress said I had to wait for the chef to come, weird , but okay . This guy actually said to me and I quote “no one else has complained so I don’t know what to say to you” Sir, is it mass produced??? He then went on to say if I didn’t like it I should leave it and not pay for it and as I was saying to him that I didn’t mind paying for it and he could taste it to see I wasn’t making it up , he dismisses me with his hand and walked away.
You guys I’m dazed. This is the same person I’ve seen on the two occasions there ask people of his skin colour if everything is okay, if the food is okay and if they are generally fine.
Honestly, @la_tavernalagos if you are running a food and hospitality business I would think you wouldn’t have an asshole that walks around like he owns the place be the face of your business.
I would never go there again, you are not doing me a favour by taking my money, even if it’s 4000 per plate. 0 out of 10.
It’s one thing to have pretty food but quality and service( TO EVERYONE) is more important, I wouldn’t never have to tell a “chef” that and honestly that that on that.